Meet The Founder

I’m JJ Reynolds, a digital marketing strategist with an appetite for systems, measurement, and coffee ☕️.

Currently living in Vancouver WA, exploring the PNW every weekend on my 🚵🏼‍♂️mountain bike!

I worked in online video production for many years to produce videos which have been seen by millions of people. I soon realized none of the brands I was working with knew how to track their return on investment (ROI). Frankly at that time, I didn’t either. It is a hard sell to not know the value of a video.

I sold all my video equipment and began working at a boutique Google Ads agency. Soon after, I found myself managing large budgets with huge returns. I then knew how to run paid media utilizing videos, photos, and copy! I learned a lot, but wanted something different.

JJ Reynolds | Founder

I decided to go a different direction and dove head first into data analytics, aka Google Marketing Cloud. I fell in love.

Knowing a customers journey made it 100x easier to run paid media of any sort. Facebook Ads, Google PPC, Outbrain, and partner networks all became levers to pull for a business, not guesses.

So we pivoted, I found a team of developers to manage building sites and managing the backend, I just focused on providing actionably dashboards to our clients. It Is Awesome!

Now, that is what I do.

I help clients by providing Actionable Dashboards & Easy Wins that allow businesses to make marketing decisions fast, saving both time and money.

Clients I work with get better data, more time, and a go-to resource for all data needs!

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