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Measurement Journey Breakdowns

Examples of how to turn your sales process, website, or forms into a measurement journey where optimization is at the center of your decision making. Each breakdown is just 1 journey amongst a brands 5-9 Layered Journey’s which we implement for our clients.

A "real" example of a dashboard that provides actions. Not just pretty numbers displayed in an organized format. Here we are linking in data from your CRM, Payment Processor, & Google Analytics to tell a wholistic story of "How are we doing".
UNICEF posts dozens of times a week on their press release "News Room". Here we dive into what actions a user can take on these pages and how they might want to monitor that overtime.
We went into this one knowing that there would be complex answers due to the number of opt-in locations and split testing variants. HubSpot's Blog is value-packed and we would want to see them capitalizing on those value-centric opt-ins!
Mudwtr is a low SKU eccomerce shop. We take a look at one report page that could be extremely helpful for optimizing collection pages for a higher "click to product" & "add to cart" rate. Most likely we would be using events to know which products have been made "aware" and are clicked into will greatly supplement enhanced e-commerce reporting.
This breakdown goes deep into multi-step funnels with various engagement points. Discounts would be a huge split testing variable as that probably affects stick, churn, and signup rates the most.