Scroll Height In GTM With A Custom JavaScript Variable in Google Tag Manager

When looking at a scroll report for a web page, have you ever thought to yourself “I wonder how tall this page actually is?” As we all know, running 20% of a marathon is a lot different than running 20% around my street block. Use this Custom JavaScript Variable within Google Tag Manager to display […]

Ultimate Guide to Fundraise Up Analytics API Utilizing Google Tag Manager

Fundraise Up utilizes an Analytics API which gives users access to nearly every field during the checkout process. Fundraise Up does integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook natively by adding your Google-ID or Facebook Pixel within the platform, but those integrations do not give you full insights into your Donor Journey. If you are looking […]

What To Ask Your Analytics Person (Quick Tips)

Why You Should Know Your Website Numbers Numbers scare 90% of people. That is a 100% made up fact. What then happens is the 10% of people who “get it” then scare everyone else with their numbers. So here are some default questions to stick to. First, should you pay someone to measure your marketing? […]