Ultimate Guide to Fundraise Up Analytics API Utilizing Google Tag Manager

Fundraise Up utilizes an Analytics API which gives users access to nearly every field during the checkout process. Fundraise Up does integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook natively by adding your Google-ID or Facebook Pixel within the platform, but those integrations do not give you full insights into your Donor Journey. If you are looking […]

The Layered Strategy Growth Plan (How to add a channel)

A layered strategy is taking multiple strategies and putting them together to work harmoniously. Yes, some pieces will fall off, but the layered strategy approach allows you to “win” more often and more predictably.  Why Layered Strategies are needed:  Most internet marketers and small business owners get “Shiny Object Syndrome”. This is the phenomenon of […]

Use 404 Error Pages to Find Hidden Opportunities & Growth.

You will always run into 404 Error Pages. They can appear by typos, accidental links, misspelled words or adjusting permalinks & slugs. This is how to measure what is/isn’t happening, fix what isn’t and maybe suggest content for the future by using 404 Error Pages. Know Your 404s and How they are happening You can […]

How To Reframe Your Ideas About Digital Marketing Intent

Measurement marketing is like a river. You do not know where any individual fish are. But, you do know where the majority of the fish will end up (downriver). You can adjust the currents by using rocks (aka content) to get a greater percentage of fish into your net (Customers).

Our Proven Strategies to Increase MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

MRR is the lifeblood of the modern company. Every company regardless of size should have this Monthly Recurring Revenue. This way you can count on and predict next month’s revenue.  Examples   The secret is Utility Surprise and Delight Profit Loss Leaders Gamification Measure it! A Few Monthly Recurring Revenue Examples:  Dentist: Teeth whitening plan […]