How We Got 60,000+ People On a Webinar & Broke The World Record!

We broke the world record for most consecutive webinar viewers in March of 2020 Yes, you read that right. Here I will outline what was done to help break the world record of most consecutive webinar viewers. Previously held by Hubspot.  Index Great OfferMeasurement In place Correct Tools  Amplify MessagingGo Live! Yay! Longtail Revenue Step […]

What To Ask Your Analytics Person (Quick Tips)

Why You Should Know Your Website Numbers Numbers scare 90% of people. That is a 100% made up fact. What then happens is the 10% of people who “get it” then scare everyone else with their numbers. So here are some default questions to stick to. First, should you pay someone to measure your marketing? […]

Increase Customer Lifetime Value – Without Changing Your Product

The secret to increasing your Customer’s Lifetime Value is Utils. What is a Util you ask? It’s short for utility aka a way to measure worth or value. For all of those economics nerds chomping at the bit, we are going to use a grammatical math formula – stick with me here…  Util = Pleasure.  OK, ready? […]