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Measure & Improve Before July 2023


Do not have your analytics accounts left behind: cookies, storage, servers, & more.

GA4 is changing every week. We want to continue to support you & answer your questions

Link your Google Ads, Search Console, & Big Query for future questions & actions

Chris "Mercer" Mercer
Chris "Mercer" MercerCo-Founder
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“We’ve recommended JJ and the Mediauthentic team numerous times and they’ve always managed to continually impress. Time and time again, they’ve proven their ability to work with clients to collect the right data, organize it in a way that tells a natural story, and display that data in reports that are both easy-to-read and highly actionable. If your organization is ready to turn “information” into actions that build revenue and results, then you’ve found your measurement experts...”
Alex Birkett
Alex BirkettFounder | Omniscient Digital
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"Y'all were incredible at both execution and education. We knew there were many problems with our web data, but you uncovered things we didn't even think to check. Additionally, you educated our internal teams on the *why* behind these things as well. As such, we're in a much better place both tactically and knowledge-wise. I honestly can't think of anything for you to improve on"

The Excellence You Can Expect!


📫 We send you a detailed form where we asses all of your current and future business initiatives. 

❤️ You receive detailed instructions to add our team to your GA4 & GTM accounts,  & a welcome form to collect all of your 

🎙 We hop on our first Kick off & training call to get started & fully understand your technology stack. 

🧑‍🔧 We then hop into your account with a full audit of traffic sources, conversions & journeys. 


🔗 Advanced UTM strategy training – we record custom training for your team based on your business initiatives. 

🙋 Follow-up questions – We will most likely find something “off” or unique with your systems where we need clarification. 

❤️  Instructions delivery to your team. We want to make sure you have instructions to get things moving! 


💪 Training on how GA4’s interface works in comparison to your Universal Analytics Set up. (Where to find what you are looking for)

🔎 We identify what you would like to see in a report and layer in our strategy questions to start building your 100% Custom Exploration Reports. 

❤️ Q+A, you have been watching things unfold and now we are in the final stretch of implementation, let’s talk through your objectives in the next 6 months. 


🏡  Training on how to use GTM in relation with GA4 to get the most information out of your set up! 

🚶‍♀️  We will walk you through exactly how each of the reports is utilized & how you can share them with your team.

❤️ Hand off to your main point of contact. We do not want to hold anything hostage. At this point we transfer all custom reports into your point of contacts Goolge Account

WEEK 5 & Beyond:

🏡  We will make sure our shared slack channel stays open for 2 months after our implementation. This way you have a place to turn for questions & quick response answers! 

❤️ We love seeing the light bulb turn on when teams get working with GA4 & how powerful it can be! 

Are You Ready For Action To Slap You In The Face?

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The Challenges of Being a Marketer Today

Everything keeps changing!

Tag manager best practices?
GDPR, CCPA, Privacy?
GA4 New Schema?
UTM Strategy?
Building A System of Measurement?
Using ‘data’ as opposed to intuition?
Reporting & Insights? 
Linking Search Console & Google Ads?


It can be a lot!

We take all of this off your plate! 

Everyone would be required to migrate to the new GA4 platform and Universal Analytics will stop collecting data altogether.  
Let’s do it right! 

You received this email from google, the clock is ticking.

Universal Analytics Expiration Date

Google just dropped a huge bomb on everyone letting them know that they need to use a new platform that is completely different in almost every single way possible! 

Jumpstart  your GA4 journey with a team that has your back. 

🥳 The GA4 Accelerator Solves ALL These Problems!

While everyone else is getting turned down on Universal Analytics, You will be turned up on GA4! From 0 to Hero with the new, shiny multi-tool!


Custom GA4 Strategy Based on your business’ strategy


4 Weeks of weekly team training to understand how GA4 can work for you!


Custom GTM Implementation to listen for your most valuable actions & data.


Full Slack Shared Channel: GA4 is changing every week. We want to continue to support you & answer your questions


Fully customized GA4 Dashboards. Funnels, Explorer & more


Linked to your Google Ads, Search Console, & Big Query for Future data storage

We Have A 100% Dance Like Michael Scott Money Back Guarantee!!!

We want the investment in this to be an absolute no-brainer for you & your team. If we are not able to get your system up and running or are not able to integrate with your tech stack, we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked! We are in the business of making an impact not taking money. 

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👆 You after joining the GA4 Accelerator 👆

🧠Keep In Mind...

Some measurement services are best utilized over a longer period of time so we can truly understand your business & the impact you seek to make!

These services are only implemented for our long-term partner clients where we truly can utilize them to the best of their ability.

Not Included In GA4 Accelerator

  • Server Side Google Tag Manger Implementation
  • Cart based measurement (web hooks)
  • Meta/Facebook CAPI Server Setup & management (your owned server)
  • Server side redundancy + server side monitoring
  • BigQuery pipelines FRM & CRM analysis
  • CAPI Monitoring (Custom BQ functions to measure Meta event deduplication & accuracy)
  • Master Data Studio Build Dashboarding – Using GDS to build a single source of truth for all teams.
  • Unlimited ongoing support.
Don’t worry, if you decide to become a long-term partner with us, we will roll 50% of your GA4 Accelerator into the full measurement build out.

Tools We WILL NOT WORK WITH (no ifs, ands or buts)

  • Click Funnels
  • Podia
  • Kajabi

If during the week 1 audit, we find anything is “not possible”, we will give you a refund or quote what the difference will be.


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