WEBINAR: Find Foresight In Your GA4 Setup

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"Find Foresight In Your GA4 Setup"

The #1 way to Strategize, implement, and Take Action On Your Data

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“GA4 Is Here to Stay, so lets rip the bandaid off together & get to the bottom of things.”

This is going to be a live, knowledge packed webinar where JJ will be going over everything you need to know on how to Strategize using the new GA4 in your business. 


JJ Reynolds

Date & Time:
December 20th @ 12:30 PST

45 Minutes  + Q&A 

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Are You Ready For Universal Analytics to Stop Collecting Data in 2023?

About JJ

Hey, my name is JJ! 

I founded Mediauthentic as a top tier analytics & reporting agency. 

I have worked with SaaS, Ecommerce, High-ticket, and everything in between to create actions out of data! 

Now our entire team lives & breathes measurement, analytics, & building ACTIONABLE data strategy. 

GA4 is here to stay & will allow you to build more actionable reports than ever before. The problem is, there is a learning curve.  

Yes, some aspects are still being developed, but the majority is here to stay! 

I’d like to help you concur this tool & add it to your tool-chest that moving forward. 


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Yes ~ We will send out a link to the recording within 24 hours.

Yes, we will be fielding questions at the end.

We are expecting it to be full & have a 1000 person Zoom Room ready!

Yes! Unless you are watching the replay…. then its a recorded replay.

If there is enough interest in an Intermediate GA4 learning we will do another one 🙂

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