Our System to Ensure Your
Measurement System

(aka, every stage & every journey)

"I know that every cent I spend on marketing is being accounted for. We are able to maximize our marketing dollars to the areas where we achieve the highest ROI."

Darla Torkelsen | CEO

The 4 Stages!

Where Are You Now?

We begin by running through the entire tech stack of the company. Website, sales pages, donation pages, CRM, form builder, products, lead generation, and site goals.

Once our notebooks are full we turn to your marketing questions. 

Questions like:

  • Where are our most valuable customers coming from?
  • How can we improve the conversion rate of “X”?
  • Where are users leaving our system?
  • Which offer is the highest converting?

Planning A Better Future!

There are dozens of ways to get information, but we want the best way to do it. A way that will scale with you.

The process we use given the acronym P.O.D

  • Purpose
    • What is the purpose of this content and what stage of the journey does this fit into?
  • Offer
    • What is the page offering to the user?
  • Details
    • What details do we need to answer the questions you have? transaction ID, signup name, lead title, etc


This P.O.D. analysis allows us to truly know what we are doing and why it matters to your company.

003 Building Your Measurement

Now that we have an understanding of (a) what we are doing and (b) why we are headed this way, now we dive into the implementation.

Google Tag Manager

GTM listens for our planned out events and information. It is the workhorse in collecting and formatting "Good Data".

Google Analyics

Your main data center for forward facing metrics will be GA. It's free, works around the world, and is 100% customizable.

Google Data Studio

You will want everything in one location to make actionable marketing decisions.

An Optimization Centric Future

Measurement does not end with the set-up. We partner with you to make sure you have everything you need. 

Want to build something new? let us know? 

Have new questions? that is ok. Let us know. 

We are truly your partner in the digital data world! 

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