Journey & Optimization

A customer journey, analytics set up, and easy win analysis allowed for quick growth and digital projections.

The Client

SpeechTherapyPD.com provides meaningful learning opportunities and continuing education experiences to speech-language pathologists and SLPAs worldwide. They inspire clinicians and enhance therapy on a holistic level.

The Challenge

Mediauthentic identified a gap in the customer journey experience. Without a lead aquisition and nurture campaign in place, they were missing an opportunity to connect with potential customers by providing value prepurchase. Through data and analytics we were able to provide meaningful insights that moved online revenue nearly 200% in three months.

The Solution

We automated the lead generation process by creating squeeze pages for each of their “freebies”, now run Facebook and Google Ads, as well as an individualized welcome sequence based on the user’s actions. In doing all of this we have dropped the cost per lead to less than $2/each.

Now, we built out dashboards, analytics, and provide optimization insights on a weekly basis.

The Results

Online programs grew 200% in three months, cost per lead dropped to below $2/each, and have profitable Facebook & Google campaigns. Also, knowing thier numbers allows for the marketing department to make powerfull decitions to impact future growth. 

The Latest

We are starting a nonprofit marketing resource.  This will be built for schools, churches, and nonprofits.

Top of the line execution plans and marketing training coming soon.