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Google Tag Manager

Deployed via GTM, to give you the most adaptable set-up possible

Your Strategy

Layer in your strategy with a measurement system!

100% Gaurantee

We can guarantee you are in great hands, because we do this EVERY DAY

Action > Data

We build you a system that demonstrates how actionable your reporting can be!

*We take a limited number of applications each quarter, please book a call & get on the schedule 

The Best Part? 

Our Team Steps You Through GA4 While Implementing for you!

The problem!

What the majority of Small Businesses Miss

Each of these cost your time & money! 

Track the RIGHT metrics

Build a DYNAMIC system

Having ACTIONABLE reporting

Does it feel like, everyone is speaking a different language? We speak yours! 

How it works

Our team interviews & takes note of any questions, comments, or concerns you have about your current marketing implementation.

We begin implementation while training starts! Yes, you can understand "how it works" as well!

Spend 30 Minutes every week, updating you, asking questions, & building your measurement system!

In 60 Days you will have a better, more understandable & conversion enabled, measurement system!

What You Receive!

The TRUE Process

Month 1: Business Measurement Audit

Before we get into anything, we need to understand where you are & what you are doing. 

In an ideal situation we can match up your marketing ACTIONS to your OUTCOMES & then you have a perfect feedback system! 

Month 2: Systems Initiated

We start implementing your system! 

Yes, that is right! If you are a fit for this program, we can hop right in with building you a better system then you have ever seen before! 

Seriously, just check out our demo  

Month 3 Validating, optimizing & improving!

To make sure we don’t leave you high & dry , we want an entire week of data to work with. That way we know there are no major outliers &¬† can keep moving with our system!¬†


Quality Implementation = Quality Outcomes 

Beyond Visualization!

In this system, we give you a template to start from. 

Yes, there can be a ton of things added & we make sure your team has the BEST set up possible!  

We can meet every week with your team to talk through improvements, ideas, strategy & beyond!

Need a Hand off?


We walk you through every KPI, Every metric, every graph. That way, you know exactly what is happening! 

That’s it! If you would like, we do offer a maintenance retainer, but it is not necessary since YOU OWN EVERYTHING!

Meet Your Point of Contact

You will speak directly with JJ or Stockton, depending on your implementation requirements while the rest of the team will implement behind the scenes!  

We don’t just leave you high & dry! 

Your Technology

Your technology can make a huge impact on what is possible. 

Measurable Tech Stack: 

  • WordPress¬†
  • Forms:
    • ConvertBox
    • Infusionsoft
    • HTML Forms¬†
    • Most WP Form Builders
  • Video Players:
    • Youtube¬†
    • Vimeo¬†
    • Wistia
  • Cart Platforms
    • ThriveCart¬†
    • Shopify¬†
    • Keap¬†

There are many others, but these are the big hitters! 

Absolutely NOT Tech Stack: 

  • ClickFunnels
  • Podia¬†
  • Kajabi
  • OntraPort

Do you have a different technology stack?
That might be ok, just let us know in your application form & we can explore your options.


This is designed to get you off the ground & into ACTION as fast as possible.

Some companies require Custom installs & we can do that. 

We actively manage companies that:

  • Have Millions of pages¬† viIf that is the case,¬†


Basically, we can help you regardless of where you are.   Mediauthentic.com Team

Yes, that is right.

You can request a refund up to *30 Days into our engagement.

We know we can rock your world with conversions, strategy & a foundational implementation. 

Don’t believe us? Book a call & find out how we work along side you’re team.¬†

*We are here to build bridges not burn them & will try to find a ‘best path forward’

We run an entire program that traings agencies & internal teams on how to use these tools -> BetterThanData.com/JOIN 

We will make sure your team understands the strategy behind platform conversions, GTM, & GA4. 

You WILL NOT be experts, but should be able to navigate the BASICS of explaining how our system works for you! 

Book a call & we can field your questions. 

Pricing varies between technology stack, your current question complexity & other factors like compliance, server, ad platforms & such. 

It will be more than $6k.  If you are looking for a more budget option, or to learn on your own, consider joining Better Than Data where we train agencies & in-house teams on how to do just this! 



If you have a client, you can make the introduction & we can take it from there….. We do send 10% to anyone who refers a “sprint”.¬†

So as long as they let us know, we will send that your way. 

Cookie Life = Forever 

If you make the intro, we got you!

Everyone get’s scared about a long-term retainer. We get that.¬†

TO BE ABUNDANTLY CLEARN: the best results from solid measurement is when you view it as a “department” not a “project”

This has the intention of getting you set up and sent off. If you would like our team to (a) maintain & (b) help you find insights we do have that option as well! 

We just want to make sure you get the best set up possible without needing to pull all your hair out! 

Conversion Sprint Call

*Currently the wait list is about 30 Days, but subject to change.

If in doubt, book a call. 

Options You Should Be Aware of:

Server Measurement

Server-side Google Tag manager can be used to be hyper-privacy compliant, sending cart data, & advanced matching on ad platforms.

Warehoused Visuals

GA4 has an amazing method of exporting RAW data to Big Query. If you are wanting reports that look 14months into the past. This is

Maintenance & Weekly Strategy Calls

Our team is in dozens of client accounts managing vendors, clients, agencies, & more. We can be the conduit to get you good browser-based measurement & strategize with you on the best path forward.