Get yourself a FAPP (Facebook Ads Parameter Pipeline)

Every single parameter from Facebook Ads to Google Analytics, analyze in Data Studio then act fast in your ad account! 

What You Get! 


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All The Goodies You Will Receive

This UTM building juggernaut creates a massive UTM string for your Facebook Ads dynamic parameter field. (Super adaptable to your use cases)

Both dynamic & flexible this GDS report gives you all the formulas & fields to break apart every parameter Facebook gives you in an easy-to-use interface. 

Even if you know nothing about GDS the instructional video and base template should get you up and running. 

You will get a Google Doc with EVERYTHING in one place for you to get moving ASAP!

A System Built On Reliability & People Taking Action

Look At

Every Facebook Parameter In One Place!

Get Everything In 1 Place To Take Action! 

No more jumping between different tools for attribution.

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 Facebook Ads Parameter Pipeline, allows you to get every parameter into Google Analytics,
then visualize it all within Data Studio. 

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Every sale increases in price by $1.

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“This tool Rocks”
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JJ Reynolds
Founder & Lover of Marketing with Data

You Have Questions, I Have Answers!

Understanding how Data Studio works will be extremely helpful, but we give you a few examples which should get you off to the races in no time! 

The template we provide works, but you might want to customize it to your exact business needs. 

No, This just uses Facebook’s Parameters & Google Analytics (regardless of how installed)


I would say Yes, but in reality as long as you have Google Analytics install you should be good to go! 

Yes, it does.

Each button displays the current price you will buy. Once it’s clicked it locks your price in for 3 minutes while you put your credit card details in.

Current Price


This provides you a deeper lense to view your Facebook Ads. 

Think of this like therapy, it’s a great tool but if you don’t take action and do the work it’s useless. 

This is a tool… You still have to do the work. 

If you really want to know. 

  1. Google sheet provides dynamic parameters in your “Utm_Content”
  2. Google Analytics Stores those parameters
  3. Our Google Data Studio template has regex extractions and other formatting codes which break each parameter out on its own. 
  4. You can copy & paste all of our codes to your liking once you purchase it! 

I want this to be a bombdiggity experience for you. Our help doc has the exact trouble shooting guides and how to get in contact with us! 

PS. Yes, I know why its funny