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How We Got 60,000+ People On a Webinar & Broke The World Record!

Written by JJ Reynolds

Lover of actionable data. Builder of systems that grow. Helping organizations grow using good data, not hopes & prayers.

We broke the world record for most consecutive webinar viewers in March of 2020

Yes, you read that right. Here I will outline what was done to help speechtherapypd.com break the world record of most consecutive webinar viewers. Previously held by Hubspot. 


Great Offer
Measurement In place 
Correct Tools  
Amplify Messaging
Go Live! Yay!
Longtail Revenue

Step 1: Have An AMAZING Offer

Let’s set the stage. It is the beginning of March, the United States is just getting word about closures due to the Coronavirus, what are we to do? Many Speech Therapists are having to convert to teletherapy.

The team at Speechtherapypd.com put together a 7-hour webinar featuring a dozen of the top Teletherapy specialists. We called it Teletherapy Bootcamp and it was FREE.

We had an amazing product to stand by. SpeechTherapyPD.com has the best continuing education on the market for Speech Pathologist. The brand is recognizable and the therapists love them.

We now had the offer. “A Live 7-hour Teletherapy Bootcamp”. 

Does This Sound Like You?

Step 2: Have Measurement In Place 

We have been working with speechtherpypd.com for several years. aka, we really really know their numbers.  

We knew what stages of the customer journey that thier ideal customer needs to go through before becoming a lead or purchasing a subscription.

Impression > Aware > Engage > Investigate > Convert 

We also knew conversion rates at every step of there journey, as well as baselines for “what is a good conversion rate?” 

What this does is that we can step on the gas to get thier offer out at scale siince we know threasholds for what is “good” what is “bad” and where their profit margins are.

We increased spend 20x to this offer over the course of just 5 days! More on that later.

Step 3: Have The Correct Tools In Place

Automations are the bread and butter of webinars/ welcome sequences. We were able to suspend the normal welcome sequence and put up content that was extremely timely to the current messaging of COVID-19 and the panic around Teletherapy. 

  1. Welcome 
  2. What is coming 
  3. What you need to know/FAQs
  5. Buy This is you like it!
  6. If you Missed us….
  7. Grab A Membership

That was all it took. Right message. Right time. Right strategy. 

Step 4: Amplify the message! 

In a matter of days, we increased ad spend over 20x in their Facebook Ad account. This drove nearly every speech therapist in the world to our landing page. 

We got a 60% opt-in on the page and our retargeting brought 40% of all drop offs back with other content. 

Step 5: Go live

We were able to push over 60,000 Speech Therapists a “We are live” message. How amazing is that? 

We set a login page to access the webinar to collect any extra people that were shared the live link (2,500 more people signed up). 

This was nothing fancy. No “spin the wheel” opt-ins or weird pop-ups. 

It was great content, good messaging, and targeted amplification. 


Step 6: Long-tail Revenue

This was the crucial part. We needed to keep the messaging lively (after all we were in a pandemic) while making sure that the users had the resources that they need to be helpful during the Pandemic. 

While this seems super easy, we struggled with how much “Promotion” vs “support” messaging to use. 

We probably errored on too much support and could have gotten more sales, but we were looking at the long-tail LTV as the current sales were steadily increasing. Athough we are keeping the revenue number confidential I can tell you that it was AMAZING!

How We Got 60,000+ People On a Webinar & Broke The World Record!
We Messed Up…
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